Schoolyard Action Partnership

Schoolyard Action Grant Application

New Hampshire Project Learning Tree, New Hampshire Audubon, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service New England Field Office,  and NH Fish and Game  have joined efforts to support schools that want to achieve the benefits of nature-based studies for student development and learning. Our goals are to nurture future environmental stewards by connecting kids with their local environment and to enliven learning through nature. We have developed a common application so you need only to fill out one application to apply for available grants from all the organizations.

Grant Period: The 2018 cycle is now closed. Please check back in fall for 2019 application dates.

About Our 2018 Winners

The New Hampshire Partnership for Schoolyard Action Grants, a collaboration that supports schools wishing to link the school curriculum and their students with the local environment, is pleased to award action grants to these schools.

  • Bow Elementary School – Pollination Station: Native Plants Attracting NH Wildlife
  • Campton School – Growing Homes for Wildlife
  • Chesterfield School – Integrated Wildlife Education
  • Cross Road School – Natural Learning in Outdoor Classroom
  • Dewey School – Paradise Meadow Projectr
  • Gilmanton School – Bird Observation Area
  • Nature and Nurture Preschool (Newfields,NH) – Connecting Learning to Nature through Pollinator Gardening
  • Nelson School – Avian Exploration
  • Seacoast Charter School – Certified Monarch Garden
  • Southwick School – Nature Trail System

Interested in pollinator activities? Students of all ages can put their knowledge into practice by participating in building a pollinator habitat or taking other activities to support pollinators both inside and outside of the classroom. 

About Our 2017 Winners

The New Hampshire Partnership for Schoolyard Action Grants, a collaboration that supports schools wishing to link the school curriculum and their students with the local environment, is pleased to award over $6,000.00 in action grants to these schools.

  • Beech Hill School, Hopkinton, NH—Building Bowers, Buffers, and Biodiversity
  • Loudon Elementary, Loudon, NH—Pollinator Garden
  • Westmoreland High School, Westmoreland, NH—Nature Trail and Outdoor Classroom
  • Winchester High School, Winchester, NH—Nature Trail Project
  • Seacoast Charter School, Dover, NH—Schoolyard Mater Plan
  • Prospect Mountain High School, Alton, NH—Shade Tree Habitat
  • Jaffrey Grade School, Jaffrey, NH—Schoolyard Bird Watching
  • Namaste Montessori School, Goffstown, NH—Namaste Children’s Garden

About Our 2016 Winners

New Hampshire Project Learning Tree is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Outdoor Classroom Special Fund grants. Each winner will receive a $250 grant to develop or improve outdoor classrooms for their students. These recipients received their checks at the New Hampshire Project Learning Tree Annual Celebration on May 15, 2016.

  • Ledge Street School, Nashua, NH: adding benches to their outdoor classroom gazebo.
  • Hampshire Cooperative Nursery School, Hanover, NH: Restoration of Connecticutt River Valley Ecology
  • Deerfield Community School, Deerfield, NH: Wildlife Garden

About Our 2015 Winners

New Hampshire Project Learning Tree is pleased to announce the four winners of the 2015 Outdoor Classroom Special Fund grants. Each winner received a $250 grant to develop or improve outdoor classrooms for their students. The Outdoor Classroom Special Fund was started to honor the leadership of Esther Cowles, Executive Director of NHPLT from 1997-2011.

  • Ledge Street School, Nashua, NH: The Ledge Street School will be adding a solar water pump and motion camera to their frog pond. The water pump will keep the pond water circulating, improving habitat for the tadpoles they raise there. The motion camera will enable students in all classrooms to watch the paid of Red Tail Hawks that visit and bath in the ponds. “I see smiles on their faces and wonderment in their eyes as they discover something new in the outdoor classroom.



2018 Application Procedure

Download our Schoolyard Action Grant Brochure. (Closed)

Download our 2019 Schoolyard Action Grant Application.(Closed)

Schools that teach Preschool-12th grade may apply for a Schoolyard Action Grant. Grant awards range from $250 to $1,500.

Funded projects will:

  • Meet Grant Criteria
  • Have a direct benefit for student learning about the environment.
  • Involve students in planning, implementation and use.
  • Include a plan for long-term sustainability.

Examples of projects that qualify:

  • Developing a plan and/or lessons to integrate the schoolyard studies into curricula.
  • Teachers and students working with a landscape architect to design a schoolyard plan.
  • Planting native trees, shrubs, vines or perennials to provide wildlife food or cover.
  • Establishing pollinator gardens.
  • Supplies (beyond typical school supplies) needed to participate in a citizen science project such as Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Project Feederwatch, Birdsleuth, or Yard Map, or New England Signs of the Seasons phenology project.
  • Building ponds or other water sources such as birdbaths or fountains.
  • Installing bird feeders and feeding stations.
  • Construction of nature trails.
  • Building small structures that support outdoor learning.

Examples of projects that DO NOT qualify:

  • Purchasing education supplies.
  • Funding staff, speakers or other assistants on the project
  • School grounds landscaping
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Field trips

Grant Award Requirements:

  1. Finish project within 1 year of the award.
  2. Attend a workshop of all grantees on March 9, 2019.
  3. Submit a final summary that includes expenditures, pictures, accomplishments, and the number of participants in the project.
  4. Visit or participation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NH Project Learning Tree, NH Fish and Game or NH Audubon staff.
  5. Sharing your project with others at a workshop or conference.

Questions may be directed to any of the following team members:

Grants are Available to:

  • Teachers, other educators and community members working in cooperation to develop  an outdoor classroom.
  • Applicant must have been trained in Project Learning Tree or have someone on the team who has been trained.
  • If you have questions about whether you qualify, contact Judy Silverberg at [email protected]

Application Deadline:

  • Grant proposals must be received by January 15, 2019

Need Assistance?

We are available to help plan and implement your schoolyard projects.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can provide

    • Conceptual planning
    • Assistance with garden layout and
    • Soil Improvement recommendations.
    • Trail layout and installation.
    • Plant choice recommendations.
    • Class visit from a biologist.

New Hampshire Audubon can provide

    • Integrating schoolyard studies with the curriculum and standards.
    • Schoolyard lesson planning.

New Hampshire Project Learning Tree

    • Professional Development with curricula and schoolyard planning.
    • PLT Green Schools- Schoolyard Investigation

New Hampshire Fish and Game

  • Professional Development and wildlife information resources. Visit NH Fish and Game website for details.

How to Apply:

  • Complete the 2019 Schoolyard Action Grant Application
  • Include the cover sheet and attachments that illustrate and support your proposal.
  • Send 2 copies of the application form and supporting documents to:
    Hilary Chapman, NH Audubon
    84 Silk Farm Road,
    Concord, NH 03301
    Fax 603 226-0902
    or email to [email protected]