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“I was amazed at all the content I learned. The curriculum resources are wonderful.”

High School Teacher


NHPLT and our partners develop resources specific to New Hampshire’s forests to supplement the national curriculum and support educators in making local connections.

NH Field Investigation Models guide teachers and their students through an authentic scientific inquiry process, based on existing field investigations in NH.

Scope and Sequence Models for Building Vertical Science Literacy demonstrate how science knowledge and skills should be vertically integrated through grades K-12.

Educator’s Guide to New Hampshire Forests is a series of fact sheets designed to help educators teach about New Hampshire's forests.

Focus on NH Forests provides details about our forests for the nine activities that are most popular among NH educators trained in PLT's PreK-8 Activity Guide.

Exploring Environmental Issues in NH introduces high school teachers and students to complex environmental issues facing NH forests.

Forest Field Days offer more than a walk in the woods for students.  They provide valuable skills that can be applied to everyday life and integrate use of many disciiplines.

Project WEB Newsletter is published three times a year by Project Learning Tree, Project WET and Project WILD in NH.  Each issue is thematic and contains feature articles, a calendar of events, suggested activities and announcements about opportunities and resources available to NH educators.  It is mailed to teachers trained in one of the three programs.

Correlations to NH Curriculum Frameworks identify which PLT activities meet state curriculum frameworks in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

Photo of the Activity Guides and other Cirriculum

A rainbow spreads across the sky above Mirror Lake.

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