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"This program helped me to see the forest differently. Now I can say to my students, 'We have a lot of people on the planet.  We have to think about resource use clearly and here are all our choices.  What is the best way to choose?' “

High School Teacher

Institute for Nature-Based Learning: Building Science and Social Studies Research Skills Across the Disciplines

We are currently seeking funding to be able to offer this program to a new cohort.

The Institute for Nature-Based Learning is a year long professional development series for middle and high school educators that is aimed at providing a greater understanding of ecological concepts, forest management, products and issues in the context of cultural, social and economic effects as well as preparing students to be environmental volunteers in their community.  Sessions will provide the inspiration, knowledge and investigation skills required to transform classroom teaching into effective and exciting project-based education about natural resources using public and community based lands.  YOu will be a part of a professional learning community that will build your conent knowledge as well as skills to integrate common core and the next generation of science standards in your classroom.

Teachers who participate in the program develp or modify their own curriculum units to increase student literacy skills, critical and systems thinking as well as scientific practices required for field investigations.  The project-based approach integrates hands-on study of the natural and cultural resouces of the local community, address concepts in ecology, sense of place, civics, economics and forest land managment and stewardship.  At the heart of the program is the belief that students who are immersed in the interdisciplinary study of their own "place" are more eager to learn and be involved in being environmental volunteers in their communities and on public lands.


The Institute for Nature-Based Learning program provides 11 days of professional development over the course of four seasons, including a five-day residential summer session.  Most sessions are based at the world-class Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in central NH.

The Institute for Nature-Based Learning (also known as FFEC) is cosponsored by NH Project Learning Tree, the Forest Service's State and Private Forestry, Northeastern Area, Northern Research Station, and the White Mountain National Forest.

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Photo for a Forest for Every Classroom

Institute  participants pose with several of our instructors at a harvested site on the White Mountain National Forest.

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